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Was established in 2016, Our mission is to help residents of the San Gabriel Valley be healthier and become better versions of themselves.


Group sessions

3volution 7itness specializes in motivational weight loss classes & muscle toning group classes. We also offer one on one personal training to reach fitness goals. Our nutritional guiding meal plans help ensure the best and healthiest results. Our private gym offers a welcoming, clean, and motivational environment for all fitness levels.

Simi sessions

3volution 7itness specializes in motivational weight loss classes & muscle toning group classes. We also offer one on one personal training to reach fitness goals. Our nutritional guiding meal plans help ensure the best and healthiest results. Our private gym offers a welcoming, clean, and motivational environment for all fitness levels.

One on one sessions

3volution 7itness specializes in motivational weight loss classes & muscle toning group classes. We also offer one on one personal training to reach fitness goals. Our nutritional guiding meal plans help ensure the best and healthiest results. Our private gym offers a welcoming, clean, and motivational environment for all fitness levels.


Can you stick to a diet for 28 Days? Most people can. How about a lifetime? Our Nutrition Plan will teach you everything you need to do to eat healthy and lose weight, but more importantly, keep it off! It's not a "one size fits all" plan. It is totally customized for you based on what you like to eat, and what works best for your body.


Fitness does not have to be difficult. We make it fun and effective. Each workout only uses exercises that can be modified for every fitness level. Our Fitness Plans have helped hundreds of people achieve the body they've always dreamed of without boredom, repetition, or injury. You will love the workouts!


Your coach is going to be your best friend in our program...maybe. It depends on what you define as a friend. Nonetheless they will be holding you accountable to your goals, there to help with fitness modifications, recovery, following the nutrition plan, you name it. They will be your rock. Here for you at each step of of your journey..



8:30am / Mayra

9:45am / Mayra

4:30pm / Bianca

5:45pm / Mayra

7pm / Mayra


8:30am / Mayra

4pm / Michelle

5:45pm / Bianca

7pm / Bianca


8:30am / Bianca

4:30pm / Michelle

5:45pm / Michelle

7pm / Michelle


8:30am / Mayra

9:45am / Mayra

5:45pm / Bianca

7pm / Bianca


8:30am / Bianca

4:30pm / Michelle

5:45pm / Michelle


9am / Michelle

10:15am / Michelle

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What our customers say

  My health has tremendously improved since joining 3volution 7itness. The coach, the staff, and the people there are great to be around. Yessi has been amazing, always checking up on me and ensuring I am hydrated and eating. I think coming to this gym saved my life. I had vertigo, migraines, and shoulder problems (which PT, OT, Massage, Acupuncture, Orthopedic Surgeon, etc..) could not fix. All I needed was a good exercise that involved resistance and cardio. My kids and wife are amazed at how much my health has improved. I feel stronger, lighter, and healthier. I don't care too much about "looking good" my goal was to ensure I felt good and that my health was improving. Thanks to Bianca and Michelle, who have been my two primary instructors for the group class, I appreciate your hard work and care. - Brian

thumb B O.

  I have been coming here on and off due to school but it is the only bootcamp i have felt comfortable and love the workout. My favorite trainer is Fabian. I recommend you try it. Very respectful and friendly crew.

thumb Omar G.

  I love working out at this gym! The trainers and owner Fabian are friendly and welcoming! Great works outs and vibes!

thumb Jenny P.

  Do not get fooled by "free 6 week transformation" the caveat is that you gotta sign up for a 6 months membership (EXPENSIVE monthly fee). Um please tell me how this is free.

*TLDR: Coaches are supportive. "Nutritionist" sucks and inexperienced. Does not listen. Don't get suckered by Fabian and his false claims. He just wants your money, doesn't care about your fitness goals. He comes at you with an aggressive sales approach and not as a trainer who cares about your goal.

I let myself be suckered and sign up (after some negotiations) but I felt pressured as Fabian kept trying to pitch his sale to get me to sign up & I didn't put my foot down hard enough to say "No, I want to continue my 'free' trail and think about it" Prior to this, he was also blowing up my phone with calls and text. I should've taken that as a sign.

I signed up for the "free" 6 week transformation that was supposed to include a meal plan and nutritionist  and coach to help with "accountability" They provide one meal plan that's supposed to be a one fit all. I didn't like that. I expressed my challenge with food with the nutritionist and she was not helpful. After week two, I didn't bother with her as she wasn't really listening to my issues and needs.

Didn't like the caveat of signing up for a membership. Don't see how this program was "free" yet you're stuck to a contract. I found out other members were paying different prices (with the same type of membership). Understable that sign up time was different but those within the same time frame were paying lower or even higher (ridiculous!). I even had issues trying to cancel my membership. Keywords on contract makes a difference. I don't understand why a month notice is required when they charge on a weekly basis. They don't tell you your membership is coming to an end either and try to lock you in longer. Typically you would be able to cancel and finish off the remaining days. They tried to keep me on past my contract date stating I needed to give at least a 30 days notice. Ridiculous.

The coaches are nice and do care about your progress. They were really the only thing I liked about this place. They start noticing what you can do to help motivate you. I got plenty of sweat sessions. The class is good for beginners or people who don't want to think about their workout/don't know what to do. However, I left as soon as I could to stop giving Fabian my money. If you want actual personal training, find a personal trainer where you  can get a real 1:1 session. Based on the price, it's not worth it. It's way too much when it's not a real personal session.

thumb Denise N.

  3volution is a friendly neighborhood gym that holds group and personal training classes. Classes are typically small with less than 10 students with more effort and attention from the trainers on forms and quality workouts than just reps. I sit and work in front of a computer most of my day, the gym offers a variety of time slots to accommodate everyone's schedule. The staff here knows you by name which adds to the sense of community. Although the gym doesn't have all of the fancy equipments, it makes up by keeping you actually accountable and focus on your fitness goals.

thumb Alan S.

  I started gaining weight after an injury. My jeans started feeling really tight and I was struggling with my diet. I saw an ad on social media for 3volution 7itness over a year ago and joining has been the best decision I have ever made. Not only have I reached my personal fitness goals, I've had an amazing time being part of this fitness community. I love going to all the special events and activities. But the best part is NOT having to plan a workout out at the end of a workday and then have to spend 3 hours waiting to use gym equipment. That's the main reason why other memberships have failed me in the past. I also need the accountability because on my own, I get too tired and too frustrated. Having the support of the team at 3volution 7itness has made the whole process incredibly easy to follow. My whole lifestyle has changed and honestly, I'm going to be a member for life. Thank you, 37Crew!!

thumb Kat A.

  So I actually saw 37's ad on Facebook while in the waiting room at my doctor's office. I already knew my Dr going to say I need to be more active, so I saw it as a sign and decided to try it out.

The gym is right up the street from my work so it is very convenient for me to go to classes before or after I get off. Mayra and Dixie are awesome trainers, they really know how to push you and be supportive as well.
I just completed my 28 day challenge and ended up signing on for a full 6 month transformation. At first I really didn't know what to expect, and really thought I was gonna try it out and leave, but after a few classes, I was hooked. Not only do I feel better physically, but mentally as well. I wake up energized and look forward to going every morning and that's what keep me motivated, I am having fun while working on myself. So far I'm down 6.5 lbs, 5% body fat, gained 3lbs of lean muscle and much have more stamina, will post an update after a few more months.

Covid friendly at this time, you have the option to do indoor with mask on or outdoor without. Wipes and sanitizing sprays are provided and everyone does a great job at cleaning up after themselves after class.

thumb Chapman K.

  My husband and I have been really out of shape from the year and a half quarantine. So I decided to get our health back on track by going back to the gym. This place is really close to our home and owed by local. Reasonable pricing. We chose the 3 classes+1semi trainer class per week and have been going to the gym 4 days a week (CrossFit and high intensity workout). All the instructors are so nice and supportive. Shout out to Mayra and Michelle for that!!! We have been going to their classes for weeks and seeing lots of changes in our body and health. Their workout really work every single muscle in your body!!! Highly recommend to everyone to join this gym.

thumb Jessica N.

  Nice local boutique gym with friendly staff. Facility is smaller but quite clean. It's more geared towards beginners who need help with weight loss as their group classes are usually HIIT style to target quicker fat loss

thumb Simon W.

  Everyone at 3volution is super friendly and supportive! They accommodate all fitness levels and make the workouts fun. I feel like I am always challenged to push myself. Huge shoutout to all the trainers for helping me make progress and reach my fitness goals.

thumb Jose M.

  I definitely recommend joining 3volution 7itness! Bianca is amazing. She really goes above and beyond to help when I can't do a work out.

Soriah is the newest trainer and she is now one of my favorites as well! I definitely recommend checking out their classes! They're super friendly as well

thumb Leslie L.

  This is so much more than just a gym. It's a second home. The work outs are always great and different Everytime. Takes away the stress of having to plan out a work out. I 100% recommended visiting the gym if you are looking for a change for the better.

thumb Chris L.

  This local gym is amazing! I've been coming to classes for nearly two months now and have been super impressed by the quality of the classes and the instructors. Members and instructors are friendly and supportive - this is a perfect place to go if you feel anxiety about going to the gym.

I did the 28 day challenge to start, and Dixie was assigned as my accountability coach. It really helped to have her check in a few times a week to help me stay motivated and answer questions. If you keep up with the challenge you can end up with some major life style changes by the end. My health has improved dramatically over the last two months and I'm looking forward to continuing to lose weight and get in shape.

thumb Ruben A.

  Great place to workout! The trainers teach the classes and everyday you focus on on area. For me it's so much better than going to different gym where I wouldn't know what to do. I've lost 18lb in the 3 months that so have been going consistently!

thumb Esmeralda G.

  These 5 stars are for the trainers who I have met at this gym-- all of them are incredibly supportive; Soriah, Bianca, Michelle being the ones I see most frequently. This gym has made me love fitness again! In the beginning there were several sessions where I wanted to plop on the floor and cry from exhaustion, but slowly started noticing more of a transformation. The trainers consistently commend me on my progress, and I like the personalized approach obtainable in such a small close-knit gym like this. They give you the tools, but ultimately it is you who needs to make the changes. Thankfully, I felt so welcomed in this environment that I felt even more encouraged to meet my goals.

Yes, there are a variety of sales tactics used, which you will also see at most other gyms (it's obviously a business). I am aware of these tactics and sometimes hesitate about the expense (especially as a loyal member) but continue with this gym because of the lovely staff! Staff MATTER, and I can tell you hands down that I joined this gym because of Yessi (an admin staff that has since left the facility) because of her endlessly positive energy and GENUINE support.

Honestly, I had to follow my own meal plan and played around with what I knew worked with MY body, because nothing is one-size fits all. I am not a big fan of the "perk" of having nutritionist(s) because they are not there in person, and don't know me as an individual. I honestly think the gym could do without it! As someone with background knowledge of nutrition and health, the recommendations thus far have not been particularly helpful, but I think it may be beneficial for someone completely new to their health journey.

Overall I'm thankful for all the team members who pushed me here, who had my genuine success in mind, I hope you get the appreciation you deserve!

thumb Sammy L.

  No doubt.. Fabian has assembled a team of super stars.

Join 3volution 7itness and prepare to sweat!!!

All the coaches are highly skilled and open their own brand of whup-@ss that will get you fit, energized and inspired.

Not only do the coaches push you to give it your all, they are mindful of limitations and are careful to avoid injuries..

But this is really not why I highly recommend this gym.  The coaches have created a community where they show their sincere care.  You'll experience it when they greet you by name.

Give this gym a try!
You'll work hard and feel great
You'll walk out with a smile knowing that there is a place where everyone knows your name  🙂

The Giant of Ecuador

thumb E V.

  Started here at 227 lbs. did I need to lose weight nah because I'm a bad ass regardless. Michelle Bianca and mayra beat me like a dog!! First 2 weeks my whole body ached and hurt like a mofo couldn't sit down to take a shit so I avoided eating. They worked every muscle in my body muscles I didn't even know I had. I cried sometimes and wanted to quit but kept coming back in one month I'm down to 209. They gave me a meal plan to stick to. I work about 12hrs a day so there is absolutely no excuse for you not to come in. The owner Fabian and Yesenia are all nice. I'll post a pic soon

thumb J S.

  If you're like me & don't like going to a "regular" gym because you don't know how or what to work out then 3volution 7itness is for you! They have 1-hour boot camp classes multiple times a day Monday-Saturday. The trainers are energetic, motivating & fun! Fabian, the owner, is really easy to work with. He's super flexible and understanding. 10/10 would recommend.

thumb Andie Y.

  3volution 7itness is a great gym if you want to start/ continue your fitness journey whether you're a beginner or more experienced with working out. All the trainers are knowledgeable, kind and supportive along with creating a great environment to workout. It's a judge free zone, so there's no need to feel embarrassed if there's something that you can't do. I'd recommend this gym to anyone

thumb Albert L.

  So far so good. I joined this gym going on 4 weeks and I'm so glad I did. The trainers  great! So informative and positive. Helping me stay on track with my goals.

thumb Adriana O.

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